About the Ameca J series

The Ameca J series originally started life as one book, written specifically for Paul’s daughters, who both attend Welsh medium schools. Because Welsh is their first language, their English vocabulary was not great, so he wanted them to have a book that they could read to help improve their vocabulary.

The Ameca J fantasy series is set in Mythrania, a medieval world of magic, closely tied to our own world, where those that have hair coloured other than black have magical abilities… giving them powers which are tied to their personalities, such as the ability to generate fire or the ability to heal or age people.

But Mythrania is under attack by an ancient evil that has plans to not only take over that world, but this one as well.

Only Ameca J and her sister Fraya, two twenty first century girls, have any hope of fighting the evil, and saving two worlds… but first they have to stop fighting each other…

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Book 1 – Ameca J and the Legacy of Menindus

Book 2 – Ameca J and the Revenge of Rex-Ultar

Book 3 – Ameca J and the Demon God of Mythrania

Book 4 – Ameca J and the Rise of the Serpii

Book 5 – Ameca J and the Lost City of the Snake People

Book 6 – Coming soon….