About the Blake Trubble Series

When the Large Hadron Collider facility in Europe is seized by terrorists and its staff held ransom, SAS Major Blake Trubble and his team are given the job of eliminating the enemy and freeing the hostages.

This is a deeply personal mission for Blake; the terrorist leader in charge of the force is none other than Mahmoud Sabak, the man behind the orders that resulted in the deaths of Blake’s family.

Working with his own team and a group of French Special Forces, Blake sets out on the mission with a grim determination for revenge.

However all is not as it seems.

When Blake’s force enters the Collider, they discover that the most of the terrorists have been killed, and something else is down there with them…

Boundary Limit has been described as a cross between Dan Brown and Stephen King, and combines a conventional SAS thriller with strong overtones of horror and science fiction.

There is one constant that readers will find with all Blake’s missions:

There will be Trubble…